About Us

How We Started

First Choice Transport’s remarkable journey commenced in September 2001 when Carla Luig, President and Chief Executive Officer, established the company in her own living room. What began as a humble operation in Carla’s home has flourished into an expansive enterprise, orchestrating the movement of over 1,000 trucks each month.


Born and raised in the rural setting of Arlington, Texas, Carla was the fourth of six sisters. She embodied the spirit of determination and grit from a young age, grounded in unwavering principles of faith and family. These core values would ultimately shape her path towards becoming a remarkable leader in the world of transportation and logistics.


Carla’s journey began with a profound sense of patriotism. She joined the United States Army after being deeply moved by the awe-inspiring display of American military might during Operation Desert Storm. Her military service ignited a passion for transportation and logistics that would define her career.


After her honorable service, Carla sought employment in the field of distribution, gaining invaluable experience at renowned companies such as Zenith Electronics, Pier 1 Imports, and Conway Truckload. However, her ambitions and vision pushed her to ascend to greater heights.


In pursuit of her professional aspirations, Carla founded First Choice Transport. The inaugural assignment, scheduled for pickup on the early morning of September 11, 2001, unfolded in the midst of tragedy and uncertainty. Despite the somber backdrop of that fateful day, the delivery was made, marking the genesis of a genuine American dream.


Fast forward nearly a quarter-century, First Choice Transport has witnessed remarkable growth. What once comprised merely two employees has transformed into a thriving workforce of approximately one hundred. The company’s dynamic success story is defined by its careful balance of company drivers and Independent Contractors.


Furthermore, we have expanded our business offerings to include brokerage and dispatch services, among many others, making us a comprehensive solution provider in the transportation and logistics industry. This diversification has enabled us to serve our clients more effectively, offering a wider range of services to meet their unique needs. Our commitment to excellence and adaptability continues to drive our growth and success in this ever-evolving field.


First Choice Transport’s journey mirrors the rapid evolution and adaptation necessary to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of distribution and logistics. Carla’s unwavering commitment to her principles of faith, family, hard work, and sheer determination continues to drive the company forward, marking an enduring legacy of triumph in the industry.

Great West Casualty National Safety Award